How we get connected

Our own Warehouse Management System (WMS) called RAJ’WMS helps us to manage our supply chain more efficient and reliable.

CMS Interface

Our WMS can interface with common e-commerce platforms such as Magneto, Shopify and even Prestashop, so that it will be connected to your online store.

ECP Interface

RAJ’WMS is equally applicable to all common software systems such as Cegid, SAP, FastMag and others.

Intuitive Front Office

If needed, Raj Services can transfer you a licence for RAJ’WMS that allows you to enter orders and gives you real time access to all the information regarding your supply chain (tracking your orders, transfer and cycle of your products, inventory, returns)

The plus point

It simplifies your daily routine by: simplified and accurately consulting your stock tracing down all of your products stating the progress of your in- and outgoing orders. An update information every hour just one click away. Up to date optimization by using the platform helps our team to save time in handling your orders, as well as to meet your needs even last minute and in urgent situations.


Reliability of your Stock


of faults during picking are eliminated


of growth in productivity


of warehousing and fulfillment costs are optimized

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